Sunday, March 14, 2010

6820 PIA - AMI and other hard-to-find chips from 1976

UPDATE May.21.2010 - 6820L (A little easier to find than the AMI)
2513 (All of the above are programmed with other-than, Apple-1 character sets! SUPER hard to find). In any case, had I known they weren't the correct charsets for the Apple-1, I wouldn't have purchased them!

(2504 and 1404a cross reference -- very hard to find in small quantities)
2519B (EXTREMELY hard to find)

6820 PIA by AMI (EXTREMELY hard to find)


  1. John,
    what is the correct font identifier for the apple 1, I noticed that there are several different CM nubers in your picture? Is the correct font identifier CM2140??

    Best regards

  2. CM2140 is the one you want. However, there is one in my set that has both upper and lowercase chars, which might work on the A1 (?), but they didn't appear correctly when I first tried the chip, so it may be a bad chip I'm not sure yet. I'll try each chip again sometime, now that I have a few working boards.

  3. Mike,

    I forgot to mention, I think Mike Willegal has the 2140 ceramics for sale but I'm not sure if he sells them separately from the boards. You might want to check with him. (