Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Steve Job's "childhood" home to become Historic Designation (and comments from Woz)

"The Silicon Valley home where Apple co-founder Steve Jobs grew up and built some of his first computers is now on the city's list of historic properties.
The historical commission in the city of Los Altos voted unanimously for the historic designation on Monday night, the Palo Alto Daily News reported. Any proposed renovations to the modest, ranch-style home now require additional review.
The home, where Jobs and his foster parents moved in 1968, is currently owned by Patricia Jobs, Steve Jobs' sister. The commission didn't need her permission for the designation, although she could appeal it to the city council.
Zachary Dahl, a senior planner with the city, said Patricia Jobs requested corrections to the city's evaluation of the property, but then didn't respond when it was sent to her for review.
"So I'm assuming that was an affirmative because I have had multiple communications with her over the past several weeks," Dahl said.
Steve Jobs, with help from his sister and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, built the first 100 Apple 1 computers at the home, according to the city's evaluation. Fifty were sold to a shop in neighboring Mountain View for $500 each.
Steve Jobs also wooed some of Apple's first investors and in 1976, established the first partnership for Apple at the home. The company later relocated to nearby Cupertino."
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Image Credit - Mercury News. 

John's comment: 

A snip of the above is false --  the computer(s) were designed and built by Steve Wozniak in his apartment, not far away.  They were not designed and built by Woz and Jobs... Woz did this ON HIS OWN.

After Printed Circuit Boards were fabricated (in 2 runs), based on Steve Wozniaks hand-wired design (after several iterations); Legend holds that Patricia, and a couple of her friends were paid $1.00 per board, to "stuff" components, in the "garage".   Jobs and Woz would then test each board, and pull components and re-stuff when pins were bent.

"I'd get yelled at if I bent a prong," Patricia Jobs told The Daily News in an interview last month.
(source, Mercury News, Sept 2013)

  So this whole bit, about Job's designing and building the Apple-1 in the garage, is completely FALSE.   Steve Wozniak did this on his own.  The prefabricated printed circuit boards (PCBs) were then stuffed with components, by Jobs, sis, and friends, in the "garage", afterwards.

So I pinged the Woz, and here is what he had to say:


In fact, both the Apple I and Apple ][ had been created and shown off at the Homebrew computer club before Steve Jobs knew they existed. I had given the Apple I design away for free to everyone there. At least one other club member had built one too.

No design ever took place in the garage. Nor did the manufacturing. The business took place in Steve Jobs’ bedroom, at least in the early days. He got parts and sales and publicity on his phone.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

6800 Info from the Woz per Lionel Theunissen's Rig up and running the 6800

Woz's comments on Lionel Theunissen's A-1 rig running the 6800 cpu --

"I designed the computer for the 6800. The Apple I board even has an area for a dozen parts labelled "for 6800"…it also had to have these parts for the 6501, which was a barely cheaper version of the 6502. What these parts did was supply a faster harder clock signal to the chip. Otherwise, the pinouts of the 6800 and 6052 were compatible.

I could buy a 6800 for $40 as an HP employee. That's why I designed the computer for it. Then the 6502 got introduced for $25 ($20 for the 6501). I switched because it was better (in my judgment, with more addressing modes) and cheaper.

The Apple I ran on a 256-byte program, burned into 2 PROMs. We didn't have much memory density back then for these programmable chips. All you'd have have to do is to read my program (given away publicly) with the comments, and translate it to 6800 code. Tight, but doable.

The cassette board, for using a cassette tape drive to store programs, had a 256-byte program of its own on the board. In this case it was in one chip, as I recall. That too would have to be converted to 6800 language for a more complete project.

The next step would be to find some public domain 6800 BASIC and convert it to run in the memory addresses of this computer.

All-in-all, not too hard. But it's a special project worthy of commendation."

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another white ceramic 6502 and an 6820

Wow!  you can get both the 6502 and 6802s AMI for just $2500.00 USD (Again, amazingly enough, free shipping [economy])

6502 = 1975 Date Code
6820 = 1976 Date Code

Pretty cool (but I have to wonder if they are still functional)

6502 CPU white ceramic (1976 Date Code)

Ebay   Only 1250.00 USD  (Or best offer, and who can beat "Free Shipping!!!!")

And yet another (1977 Date code) White Ceramic 6502

Just 999.00 USD !!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Woz, Wendell Sander - Five Apple-1 computers

Read the article by Steve Cassidy --  Image credit Mercury News.

Early Woz interview - Good stuff, great early video and images

Very cool video and images you may not have seen before...  although the title of the clip is wrong, check it out, early Apple 1 / Nolan Bushnell / Woz history --

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coming up for auction next week -- This one is functional.

Read about it here.

6301-1J PROM (A1 thru A4) from 1976

I'll have about 3 sets of the 6301-1J PROMs, programmed and available for purchase.  I will hang on to a few but willing to sell the others for any fanatics that want chips from 1976.  They are currently on order so I will drop some images once they arrive.  They were VERY expensive so I must disclose, that they will not be cheap.

Corey's new "big blue caps"

I haven't gone this far with employing the correct date coded chips and never will, but Corey Cohen is keepin' it true, with new caps from 1976 on his Mimeo-1

Per Corey:  "Now all I need is four .01 of the correct caps and a 1973 5300uf cap (mine is early 1977)"

Very cool.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Ever Apple-1 clone w/6800 processor??

Check it out.... Lionel Theunissen has successfully wired his Mimeo-1 rig with a 6800 processor, 6800 monitor, added a few tweaks to address timing issues, and boom!  Up and running.  VERY NICE WORK... the first I've seen!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Jobs Movie - Starting April 19th, 2013

 Note Mike Willegal's Mimeo-1 Apple-1 clone, (2 of them) above :D

Images and video clip posted with permission from the filmmaker.