Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Envelope provided by John Gott shows address from 1973 - Dial-a-Joke

John Gott has asked that this image NOT be distributed/posted on any other site or publication.  Thank you for respecting his request - he was gracious enough to go through the effort to determine the address, based on what he could find, and share this great piece of history with us.  Thank you John Gott!

Friday, June 23, 2017

UPDATE: Where was the first hand-wired Apple 1 designed / built?

I heard from John Gott today - John was able to dig up a letter from Steve Wozniak from 1973.  So, here's a bit more clarification from Woz, as John Gott's letter from Woz, shows the address as Apt. #16D  (not yet #16K).

And now we know *why* Woz moved.  :)

Villa Serra Apartments
20800 Homestead Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 255-6666

Per Woz:

I lived in 2 apartments in that complex.

The first one was on the ground floor and the 2nd was in a different building on an upstairs floor.

I created my “Crazy Polak” business cards while living in the first apartment, downstairs.

Most of the Apple design stuff took place there but some took place after I moved.

One reason for moving was that a loose pet mouse, which I thought was a male, turned out to be female and I wound up with a dozen mice and a horrible allergy with asthma and I was told that moving was my only hope.

The building I moved to may have had my apartment as some other number - K. Or maybe I stayed in the same building after all. Hard to remember. But the Apple work was split between the 2 apartments, and I think most of it was done in 16D now.

ʞɐıuzoʍ ǝʌǝʇs 