Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Apple 1 up for auction on ebay - 175,000.00 USD

This is one I believe most of us have not seen before.
This was previously owned by an Apple employee back in the 70s.

From the listing description:

"Original Apple 1 Computer made and purchased in 1976. A keyboard that was used with it will be included. Also a copy of the owners manual signed by Woz. Special courier delivery and payment
arrangements- contact by email through ebay. No shipping fee. Joe Copson Nameplate for viewing- not included in sale. will provide a copy of his resume with Apple if requested.
There is a serial number on the back of the computer 01-00##. In answer to all of your questions.
It is a real original Apple1 computer. Joseph Charles Copson worked for Atari and Apple as a programmer and troubleshooter. He worked with Michael Kisor who was a
Senior Software engineer with Apple- he collaborated with Joe on the diagnostic software for the Macintosh. Joe also worked on the Cray supercomputer. He loved technology and served his country in Vietnam which may have eventually caused his death from cancer 3-5-2003.

He wrote the program for Atari games such as Star Raider, Spitfire on the Silver 1.
Look up his name on google under atari age. I would like this Apple 1 cared for as an American Technological historical treasure. Not to be used but to be cared for. To remain in the United States. In that way it would truly honor Joseph Charles Copson Army USAR Control group- Fld Radio Mechanic 1971."

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Elusive 2519B 40 Bit Static Shift Register

I found this email rather amusing... arrived today in my inbox:

"Dear John,

You have received an offer from "Legacy Components ". 
.... snip ....

This part is very old and worth more than your target now.  There is only 150 pcs in the world and the best price is $40 ea.  
2519B - signetics - 126 - $2 "