Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Mimeo 1 - Mike Willegal's beautiful PCB

Mike did a beautiful job laying out this board -- based on images of the original Apple-1. This probably wasn't an easy task. Very nice work. I have 2 of these boards, and may someday get around to building one. Visit Mike's website for more information.
I will post additional higher quality images soon.


  1. Hi John, I am looking at purchasing an Apple 1 replica kit too. My original plan was to buy the Mimeo kit but I see there are a few Obtronix kits on eBay now. The Obtronix kit works out to $647 including a keyboard and cassette interface. The Mimeo kit is $666.66 with no keyboard or cassette interface. Can you please describe the difference between these two kits? Mike told me that you have both. Thanks

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I have the Obtronix Kit, and a bare board from obtronix that I built after shopping around for all of the parts (this was the first Apple-1 that I built). I do not have the Mimeo Apple-1 kit, only the board. 2 very important differences are:

    1) The Mimeo has the more accurate "Apple Computer 1" logo and

    2)Gold J3 connector pins as with the original Apple-1

    The stencil on the Mimeo is also easier to read than the Obtronix.


  3. I should also point out that the traces are more accurate on the Mimeo than the Obtronix. See Mike Willegal's website for more info.

  4. Thanks for the info. The Obtronix boards sold very quickly on eBay so I don't need to worry about it anymore. I'm getting a Mimeo instead. I think I'll be happier with it anyway because it appears to be more accurate.

  5. Anyone who wants to sell an Obtronix board or Mimeo board please email me.