Friday, November 30, 2012

I've been studying this image trying to find differences between the Byte Shop images, and have concluded with certainty, that this keyboard is the same Amkey keyboard that is in the Polaroid images supplied by Paul Terrell.
The Motherboard however, is probably different, supplied with 4k DRAM (as in the Byte Shop images) and notice that the cassette interface edge connector also does not exist on this unit (B&W image).  However, it does not appear to me that the 6800 area of the motherboard has been populated.  The 6820 PIA also appears to be different  (This one is probably the grey AMI S6820 vs. the unknown PIA in the Byte Shop image).

In any case, the Amkey keyboard seems to be the same brand in this image.  So maybe Datanetics wasn't the only way to go.  :D

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  1. I worked at Amkey, even designed a keyboard for the Apple ][ - don't recall ever hearing about any relationship in the A1 days - Amkey did provide OEM keyboards for large manufacturer, my first guess it may be a liberated keyboard from HP