Friday, September 21, 2012

"Newton 1" last breath... well.. we'll see...

According to the seller, these are the last of the "Newton 1" reproductions.   I don't own one, but have heard that the quality is fairly brittle. Price is steep.

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  1. Hi John, yes, last breath to the old Newton 1 version, but soon, first breath to the new Newton NTI which has been reviewed by one owner of original. Quality might be brittle in the eyes of Mimeo owners, as for price please consider the cost of one unassembled Mimeo, plus documentation, box and time spent for all tailor-makes. Let s imagine how much you will sell one in that form if you make that yourself. Anyway some of them are now in the possession of private museums. Thanks for your comment anyway. Always appreciate your contribution to the hobby and enjoy reading your website. Regards, Mike