Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A1-Mimeo (Apple-1 clone) stuffed - first power up test

No keyboard attached. I turned on the power and quickly went around the board with the back of my hand, looking for hot chips, and watching for smoke. No issues found. Everything looks good.


  1. Hello, I read iwoz and many other articles on apple-1.

    what I fail to understand is that how woz managed to get all these PCBs! Did he make them himself? if he sourced them ready made, how did he manage to get PCBs suitable for his new computer design?

  2. http://www.willegal.net/appleii/apple1.htm

    Per Mike Willegal: The artwork (layout) for the board was done by Howard Cantin, who was an Atari Employee at the time. Howard also did the Apple II rev 0 board.

  3. Manu, As far as I know, after Jobs and Woz had a few thousand dollars cash in hand, there were 2 PCB board runs made (100 each) by 2 different board houses (One was NTI, not sure who the other company is yet).