Monday, April 12, 2010

PS2/RS-232 to ASCII Keyboard Adapter

Mike Willegal has done it again. I mentioned awhile back, while working on my A-1 BASIC firmware card, that my Apple II keyboard stopped working. I've decided to replace it with a PS/2 keyboard for now, until I can find another affordable ASCII keyboard. To do so, I will need Mike's adapter. These photos show 2 kits that Mike sent to me. You can see the high quality DIP sockets Mike included in these kits. It's also a good thing he included the 16 connector ribbon cable, because I only have 200 feet-- (I bought some extra just in case I "run out") ;D
Mike's kit includes an instruction booklet, and PCB diagrams to aid in assembly. I will post my progress as I build these kits. (The kits also include wire for jumpering, not pictured)

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