Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A14F Rectifier Diode

I've received quite a few emails on where to find the A14F rectifier diode, and my answer has always been:

It turns out doesn't have them and I do not know where to find them -- if anyone does, please let me know. (I obtained my A14F in a trade for a 2519N with an Apple 1 owner who has long since, sold his board, and I have lost contact with him, so I'm not sure of the source).


  1. A14F's may be hard to find, but ACE (advanced component electronics) has MR500's and suitable 3 AMP rectifier replacement diodes are not hard to find.

  2. Mike, MR500 Leads don't fit the via, they are too thick for the Obtronix Reproduction.... maybe they fit the original?